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Product Showcase

History of Tents

During the reign of our mighty Durbar of King Edward V11, when the emperor announced the shifting the capital from Calcutta to New Delhi, the travel gave a home to twelve thousand, nine hundred and eighty-three people! The King's men had set up camps, which contained all the luxury and comfort one could ask for,. Sadly, during the mid-20th century, the tradition of camps dies out and became a distant memory. But, our organization is keeping this culture alive and is reviving the concept of tents, only this time., it serves the purpose of fun, love and adventure!

Ambit of Products

Manufactured using a class-A graded range of fabrics, these items which are offered by us are highly durable. Their scratch-resistant surface and their ability to deflect heat and rain would allow you to face a nice, cozy and memorable time with your family and friends!

  • Tents
    • Luxury Tents
    • Canvas Tents
    • Designed Tents
    • Shikar Tents
    • Pavilion Tents
    • Dining Tents
    • Pergolas
    • Canopy Tents
    • Mughal Tents
    • Lily Ponds
    • Hotel Tents
    • Garden Tents
    • Teen Tents
    • Beach Tents
  • Furniture
    • Wooden Furniture
    • Vintage Furniture
    • Sofa & Poufs
    • Rustic TV Cabinet
    • Rustic Furniture
    • Restaurant Furniture
    • Recycled wood Furniture
    • Reclaimed Wood Furniture
    • Pet Furniture
    • Industrial Stools
    • Hotel Furniture
    • Coffee House Furniture
    • Cafe Furniture
    • Bathroom Vanities

    Along with these products, our firm also provides a fantastic gamut of accessories such as Furniture, Lightings, Bathroom Fittings and Linen.

    Take Care

    Our team not only gives you a commodity which has an unparalleled quality factor, but they also give you a promise. A promise of durability. Using waterproof material to fabricate our tents, these items can withstand everything, from hot, dry desert environments, high precipitation rain-forests, alongside lakes to the seaside. So be it a trip to a jungle safari or a travel plan around the world with your best buddies, we are equipping you with the most technology-driven set tents available in the market, today. The only thing you have to do? Treat it like a prized possession and take care of it the same way!

    About Canvas Tents

    Before owning a luxurious tent, one needs to understand a few points.
    • Finished size
      • Firstly, the term Finished size" is the length, width and weight of a tent once it has been sewn together. Canvas, being 100% cotton, has a tendency to shrink, so don't feel shocked if your tent appears to be slightly smaller once it goes through the phase of preconditioning.
    • Shrinkage
      • Every tent is fabricated using natural fibers, which include cotton, which would make certain alterations in the measurements of these uniquely designed tents. The degree of shrinkage however, can never be predicted.
    • Freestanding Frames
      • Having a great deal of experience in this field, our company has come up with a unique method of understand the estimated shrinking ratio. We do this by understanding the dimensions of your frames. In order to get the best results, one needs to set a frame up for amount 48 hours, after which the guide ropes need adjustments to stretch the tent to its best. Apart from helping you understand the shrinking aspect, this method would not only allow your tents to stay protected against strong lashes of rains but will also help it to dry up faster.
    • Mildew
      • No matter however much researchers have tried, one of the major drawbacks faced by every tent is the issue of being mildew resistant. Being quite harmful for cotton fabrics, mildew most commonly comes into the picture when tents are placed in storage while they are wet and damp. IF in case your tent has started facing the issue of mildew, or you want to escape the idea of facing such a situation, we recommend you to dry up the tent completely before putting it back inside.
    • Wood Burning Stoves
      • Using a wood burning stove is not an issue. But one needs to be extra careful when it comes to cooking inside a tent. One can purchase fire resistant tents, but be cautious, even the best of fabrics catch sparks which in turn lead to a fire. Incase you see sparks, ensure on letting the wind blow over it or start blowing it out yourself! NEVER USE SPARK ARRESTOR CAPS INSIDE YOUR TENT!
    • Wind
      • Another reason which people should be cautious of is intense wind conditions. These have left a high degree of impact on each tent and its frames. Make it a point to see that your tent is erect using every stake and rope provided. Keeping a check on the same from time to time would help you keep it together even during such conditions.