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Pitching Instruction

Pitching Instruction
Pitching Instruction
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1. Fix large iron pegs on a flat area of land as per pitching plan putting some thread all around the pegs to form the outline of the rectangular area.
2. Mark the centre point at in the length side and in the width side of the rectangular area.
3. From the centre point take 6V2 feet each side lengthways and fix two large iron pegs (A & B) together at each point to support the upright iron poles.

4. Spread the outer fly on the ground with the outside face down to the ground. Keep the bathroom side and the front opening in the correct required positions.
5. Now spread the inner fly (with the print face up) over the outer fly.
6. Put the pole covers over the upright iron poles and tie both the ends.
7. Insert the two spokes of the two upright iron poles in the inner fly cap hole. Insert the ridge pole (with holes on both ends) through the ridge bag attached at the top of the inner fly. Then insert the upright iron spokes through the holes of the ridge pie.
8. Tie one flap of mosquito net above the balloon portion of the upright poles and pass the ropes of the flap through the rings of the inner fly, and tie above the balloon portion of the bamboo pole of the other end. Repeat the same process for the second flap starting from the opposite pole.
9. Now insert the spokes of the upright poles (sticking through the ridge pole) into the outer fly cap holes and turn the inner fly and outer fly over the upright poles with the ridge pole.
10. Make sure that the base of the upright poles rest by the iron pegs (A & B) fixed in the middle of the support.
11. Put the Guy Ropes (long ropes supplied separately with the Tent) into the spokes of the upright poles and tie these ropes to the centre iron pegs on the width side.
12. Put the flags on the spokes of the upright poles.
13. Tie four long ropes (Guy Ropes) attached in the cap of the outer fly to the iron pegs as indicated in the pitching plan.
14. Now lift the tent slowly by pulling all the six Guy Ropes at the same time while supporting the upright poles till the tent is upright. Fix the ropes taut to the relevant iron pegs.
15. Tie the corner ropes of the outer fly first and then the rest of the ropes of the outer fly.
16. Now pull the comer ropes of the inner fly first and then tie them. Then pull the other ropes and tie to the relevant iron pegs fixed in the inner side.
17. Fix the wall of the outer fly bathroom leaving 15 inch flap from one end and lace it all the way by inserting one loop of rope attached to the outer fly in the hole of the wall. Leave a 15 inch overlapping flap at the other end.
18. Start fixing the main wall by leaving a flap of 12 inch of the inner fly wall from the far left comer and work your way round back to the starting point
19. The two end flaps of the inner fly walls should be laced together from the inside.
20. The overlapping flaps of the outer fly walls should be fixed by taking the comer underneath the ropes and tying it to the inner fly comer.
21. Now tie the little ropes at the four comers of the inner fly over the top of the inner fl wall bamboo.
22. Fix the chick on the outside and the door purdah on the inside of the front door with. the lacing arrangement provided. Do the same for the bathroom keeping the chick outside and the purdah inside.
23. Fix the small iron pegs all around the inner walls and the outer wall through the met loops at the base of the wall bamboos.
24. You may also like to use your tent as a shaded canopy removing the outer walls altogether.